Jolly Viking part 14


Baltic Sea, 58°14’8.87″N 18°57’48.22″E, Russian sub 1634 zulu.

Russian Kilo-class sub B-227 Vyborg was laying in the bottom of Baltic Sea between Gotska Sandö and main land Sweden. It has been there three days waiting for orders and listening traffic around it. They had laid a mine field that was one pull away to pop up near the surface. Atmosphere was tense and the air was thick. During the nights they slowly got up their snorkel to refresh it but the days they were just sitting like an empty hole. They were using an old iron boat wreck as a cover, the Swedish Navy was pinging their coastal area hard, one depth charge would have meant their end. Gladly the Swedish Navy was more on the south side of Gotland after the decoy subs and watching more the Åland region. This was meant to be the second mother-fucking surprise. If you gona annex something, annex so much than you can…

Near Gotska Sandö, civilian transport vessel 1645 zulu.

Russian container ship Vasily Konev was a middle-sized, low water line container ship with a 46 ton crane. It had left St. Peterburg few days ago heading to Lübeck with full load, 127 containers with various stuff. The transport papers said that wheat, alcohol, industrial spare parts and other bulk stuff. These kinda ships were sailing at Baltic Sea like 12 a day or more. Very usual sight. But this time the vessel was load in a closed harbor area in the middle of the night under heavy foggy weather and FSB protection. Containers were sealed, nobody knew what was inside those, except the Captain and some others. They were sailing under Panama flag and the crew was mainly Filipinos who didn’t ask too many questions. It had been sailing slowly in the cold December and windy Baltic Sea and they have informed a slight engine problem one day ago but said that they can fix it but need to get closer to the coastline. It was now some 20 miles NE from Gotska Sandö and the Russian Navy column with 4 large landing ships and strong escort was 30 miles to SE. That was the one that all thought was going to Åland…

Gotska Sandö. Gotlands Sand Island. It was a 5 km long and 4 km wide small 40 meter high island with good tree cover and perfect view around it. There was only few inhabitants, weather station and lighthouse. It was a national park so there was no military. Swedish Navy patrolled there sometimes but since Swedes were more concentrated on Gotland, that was only few miles to SW from Gotska, they didn’t consider it as target. And why would they, it was small, no electricity, infrastructure or buildings. Just a sand island were birds loved to live on summer and make more birds. Besides they though it would be easy to defend from land with fighters and Navy from the sea.


SE from Gotska Sandö…

The Russian Naval column had 4 Ropucha class landing ships. These were 122m long ships that could carry 450 ton cargo. That was like 10 T-90’s and 340 troops or variations like artillery, ammo, self-propelled anti-aircraft, cargo, supplies, trucks. They could drive straight to the shore and unload to the beach on the run. They didn’t need docks. They have had some radio traffic with their HQ at Åland and done some other moves that make everyone guessing they were on the way there. Well, one Ropucha was going there but three others wasn’t. And a container ship wasn’t going to Lübeck either…

Also SE from Gotska Sandö…

Swedish sub HSwMS Gotland was following the Russian naval column silently. It was on full battle stations, their last orders was to wait the Beklinge group 103’s attack and then launch torpedoes to sink as many vessels they could. But now they have received new orders to stand by and just follow them from a safe distance. The Swedish command got scared after the massive Iskander strike against Finland and was afraid that Russia could launch something similar to Swedish soil. To get your civilians killed for sinking enemy ships… it was complicated and they didn’t want to take that risk. Besides they thought the destination was Åland that was already annexed. And the Finn’s couldn’t attack that group either, it was still too far from Finnish ASM’s. And their air force couldn’t penetrate Russia’s air defence. And since Russia didn’t show any major hostile actions against NATO, they couldn’t do anything either. They were monitoring heavily but that was all.

-Commander, our sonar is getting weird noises, sounds like someone is letting massive bubbles and other noise to hide that column.

-Gas pipe? Is it leaking?

-No, it’s more controlled, like opening a vent and closing it.

-Ah yes, they have those in that pipe. And now they are using it as a decoy and scrambler. Do they know we are following them?

-Passive listening devices? Magnetic sensors?

-Possible. Okay, turn 90 degrees, go lower under the second layer and full stop. Lets wait there. Keep torpedoes ready.


Russian Navy column, near Gotska Sandö 1655 zulu.

Russian frigate Boiky was one of the latest Russian new war ships and was the leading vessel for that column. It had some stealth capabilities and latest radar and weapon technology from anti-torpedo stuff to anti-ship missiles, S-400 missiles, navy cannon that could follow 4 targets at the same time and even a helicopter. It was also getting all information from Russian satellites and HQ’s intel, other ships and subs, drones. And it was in contact with that container ship via secured channel. And what was a secured channel anyway? Pre-planned messages via open channels work even better…

-Captain, Konev says it’s ready to scratch its balls.

-Ha ha… okay, send them that ”it shrinks in cold water”. Then go to marine VHF channel 56. Keep listening.

-Da sir. Alert the crew?

-Not yet. Just check is the Antonov airborne.

There was a Kaliningrad Naval Infantry  company airborne on route to Åland. It was going to be the first unit at Gotska Sandö. 98 combat sappers. There was always a slight possibility that Sweden has mined the waterline and the weather station had to be silenced or taken over, there was good comms there. These guys had been in Ukraine killing people and were in other Russian hybrid dirty places. War proven troops. Professionals.

The Russians had made a plan, a dirty plan that the transport vessel Kovev will suddenly make an emergency transmission about an engine fail and a leak and that it need immediate help. Then the Russian Navy column will respond and as it was the closest unit, they will be there first. Then they will drive that container ship full ahead to the Gotska Sandö’s sand beach. And Russian landing ships will do the same, the war ships will cover and surround the Island and make a anti-aircraft and anti-ship, anti-submarine defense around it. The Russian kilo-class submarine will pop up the minefield and start patrolling around that Island too. The container ship will have lots of ammo, food and water supplies and Russian container missile systems like 3M-54Klub ”Kalibr” that was anti-ship, land attack and anti-sub missile system. The missiles range varied from 50km to 2500km. They were nuclear capable and had 500kg payload. Other containers had also smaller missiles and anti-aircraft stuff, it was truly a powerful load. They also had a plan to use some of the containers as bunkers and living quarters. And that ship itself was a powerhouse to generate electricity, to be used as a command post etc. They were making that Island a fortress. And they trusted that Sweden would hesitate to attack them since they could reach from Kaliningrad with Iskanders to Stockholm, main air bases, nuclear plants etc. And Sweden had its main defence at Gotland, 5km SW. They could reach easily with their weapons there but then they would be in open war with Russia. And Russia would send massive retaliation to Gotland, even annex it, like Åland. Without NATO membership things were always complicated. Especially against a nuclear weapon state and massively bigger in military. Russia also thought that Sweden’s NATO membership will be impossible if they create Crimea kinda situation against Sweden also. But since Sweden has already NATO troops, the Norwegians and some Danes on their soil, it wasn’t quite sure how it could go… hybrid was gona hit the fan…

Meanwhile in social media…

”omg russia so stronk! We are victorious and show finski nazies that you dont mess with us! We come and kill youre president too. Putin will be Holy Martyr of Novorossiya and finland ours again! You worthless scum try to betray us, you was be to suppose our freind, our comrades! you chose wronks now. you pay!”

”While I don’t quite understand why Russia had to use so many missiles against Finland, I strongly understand their interests to secure their borders and agree on the pre-emptive strike theory. It is such a shame to see how fast a European nation like Finland have managed to mess up its political system and become such an racist country…”

”BREAKING! Here is a leaked target list for Russias next missile strike in Sweden, they are going to wipe out Stockholm! click > wwm.rebdit.swedentargetlistleak < yes this is authorized, even Snowden says it is official!…”

”Speechless. This dog trying to wake up his best friend and owner, a 10 year old girl who got killed in the Russian missile strike. Over 3 million views now on youtube…”

”wassap wit the rumours that russki rockets was launched by a renegade general? my friend from moscow said that kremlin is furious and that it was not deliberate shit?”

”WW3 has started. This is Alex Jones from tinfoil factory. People, seek shelter and lock and load. The end times has started. You who have been prepared: you have been right. The weak will vanish and the strong will survive. Our mission and vision has been always right, destruction is the key…”

”All you west puppets and Nato lovers are screaming that Russia has attacked but hey, you remember Iraq when USA killed over 2 million…”

”War is Peace. Popcorn and beer. Anyone has some live cam links to share???”

”Finland wanted to be neutral. So let them be. We should not send them any military help, they were not ready to send it to us so this is the fact. Moral? geopolitics has no morals…”

”Finland? Were the fuck is Finland?”


NATO HQ, Brussles, 1703 zulu.

-Sir, a SOS message from a container ship at Baltic Sea. Vasily Konev!

-What’s it saying? It’s Russian?

-Engine failure, taking water, needs immediate help.

-We have ships there? Send immediately!

-We have but the Russian Navy column is much closer and has respond to that. They are going to help it. Frigate Boiky and others had turned to its course. It is near Gotska Sandö.

-Gotska Sandö… that small Island north from Gotland?

-Yes. They possibly need to sail that vessel there, shallow sand coast…

-Holy shit… they are not going to Åland… they are going there! Have you called Sweden?

-Yes, they also respond to the message but Russians said not to get near, they will handle it. They are flying Sukhois over it now. And also heavy radar activity. Looks like Russia is scanning Swedish air force…

-Scramble Typhoons and intel planes, also drive our vessels closer. Have we subs on the area?

-Yes, one German and one Holland sub. Should we drive them there?

-No. Go near Kaliningrad. Lets see if there’s some more surprises. And keep eye on Danish Straits. There some Arleigh Burtons coming to the area. Also British destroyers. And scare that one Russian sub away from that area. Use what ever you need.

-Yes sir.

-And call White House!


Swedish Navy HQ’s 1704 zulu.

-Flottiljamiral! Russians are going to Gotska Sandö!

-Va helvete… Impossible!

-Look, they are turning the fleet and listen this radio traffic…

-…container ship sending SOS and Russians are rushing to help… with 10 vessels and airforce… oh shit they are so clever. They probably have a media crew making a live feed of that rescue operation, check RT channel…

-Sir, it was just on Russian news that a ship is sinking at Baltic Sea and that their Navy is rescuing it.

-Just what I thought. And they put that on air before anything has sunk. We can’t attack Russians now. Shit. Contact our government, we need to get this live also. And alarm everything to that area, get some eyes to the sky and cameras!

-Amiral, what if they land on the island? That is an act of war?

-Yes it is. But if they drive that container ship to the coast, it is a civilian vessel. By the sea law they are allowed to help. It should be our job but they won’t let us in… call NATO and our intel, what do we know about that container ship… if it is a decoy, then it is military…

-…and we can hit it.

-Precisely. And take a call to Beklinge. Our 103 might have a job to do…

-Sir. You need to see this latest message…

-What… halt all Navy actions at Gotskä Sandö. Repeat, don’t react to Russian Navy at Gotska Sandö. Next message coming…

-That is from the top, Joint Staff Command with the Finns. Beklinge has new orders too.

-Get me a line to the Joint Staff.

-Yes sir.

Navy HQ was in heat. You could call it a chaos. War is chaos. He who controls it best, wins. Usually. And that was something you need to train constantly. Chaos. Because things will go always not like they are planned. That’s why Russia was able to surprise Finland and Sweden, the whole NATO. They knew what chaos was. The collapse of USSR taught them good. Also Chechnya, Dagestan, Afghanistan…

-Flottiljamiral Nordbeck nol två fyra fyra fem åtta.

-Amiral Ericsson, good to hear you Staffan. You have been busy there at Karlskrona?

-You can say that. Russians are going to Gotska Sandö, not Åland as we thought.

-Yes. We know that. There is also an airborne landing unit approaching, Kaliningrad naval infantry, one plane roughly a company from 879th battalion. But in those Ropucha’s are AA missile battery, BUK’s, then one tank platoon, T-90’s and two platoons with BTR’s with the 30mm cannon. And Bastion coastal missile unit.

-Holy shit, they are planning to hold it tight.

-Yes. But the container ship… that is loaded with stuff. It has Kalibr missiles, ammo, AA missiles, generators… we don’t know exactly, we had this intel report from Leningrad docks about the loading, it is the key here. It is a decoy and military transport at the same time.

-So we can attack against it?

-Yes. But we have a new plan for it. The Finns would do it.


-We give them support, Beklinge 103 will cover Finns F-18 Hornets and our EW stuff will make a hell of a radar storm and blind the Russians. Finns are already airborne and fully loaded, JASSM’s, RBS 15’s, JDAM’s and few other things. Two squadrons, 28 birds. 103 is also airborne, they are now minus 7 minutes from attack line.

-You knew this all the time Ericsson… you sneaky bastard…

-We thought the possibility of Gotska and made this plan in case. Finns are furious and want to revenge, this is a very good opportunity and doesn’t make Sweden as the aggressor. Well, we might sink the Russian sub Vyborg that has laid a minefield near Gotska. Our passive sensors picked that bastard two days ago, your job is to do that. But do it like it looks it blows itself accidentally or something. Use the stealth torpedo? All our intel is now sent to your HQ. Remember, it is top-secret.

-So Finn’s are going to level down the Russian column and container ship. In 7 minutes… It means that they won’t reach the coast of Gotska…

-Precisely. We want to sink them into cold Baltic Sea. Russians hit Finnish civilians with Iskanders. They are going to pay. Then we send in our Amphibious unit and make that island a bastion. This strike will wipe out Baltic Fleets capability of any other landing operations.

-Javvist Herr Amiral. This is a plan I like.

-Bra. Now let’s get ready, the clock is running…

Somewhere over Sweden, Finnish AF squadron leader Major Pekkala in his F-18 Hornet 1719 zulu

Flying low at night with a full weapon load wasn’t the easiest task Major Pekkala has had. But he was flying like an angry dream, all his moves were precise and optimized, just like a top Formula one driver. Finns were good at sports were was speed and danger to die. They were born to these kinda situations. Slow Finns… yeah right. He checked his weapon systems, everything was ready. His squadron was going first, they will launch long-range missiles and then ripple fire AMRAAM’s against Russian Sukhois that patrol over Gotska Sandö. Then after the missiles had hit, 28 will be fired, if 50% will hit, the column will be paralyzed and sinking, then the second squadron was coming to finish the job with precise bombings and few missiles. And then vanish to the dark night under Swedish radar cover.

Surprises. It was all about surprises…

… – – – …

To be continued… 😉








Jolly Viking part 14

13 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Jolly Viking part 14

  1. Florian K. sanoo:

    I do enjoy your story quite a bit. As a German living currently in Finland it feels like being quite close to the action. My main gripes with it is the portrayed Russian mentality and motivation. They seem a little bit to much pure evil. From my understanding the Russians are very angry that nobody wants to play with them, they are in quite some economic trouble (about as big a GDP as Italy or Brazil and 20% inflation) and feel threatened by NATO getting closer and closer for no apparent reason. The only thing where they are still a super power is in the amount of nuclear missiles they have.
    You mentioned somewhere that you will do another edit once the story is finished. Maybe you can polish the Russians a little more while doing so?

    One more question: Couldn‘t Finland just ask Sweden, Norway, Germany etc. for help and they would then be allowed to intervene by international law? Similar to how Syria government asked the Russians for help recently? Of course the question then is if they would help… 

    Either way, keep going! Very nice work.

    Liked by 1 henkilö

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 Yes, in this ”scenario” there is a ”evil” coup in Russia but you are right, quite evil they are here… But this is version 1.0. I like your comment much! I will consider this when finishing this. 🙂


    2. ”One more question: Couldn‘t Finland just ask Sweden, Norway, Germany etc. for help and they would then be allowed to intervene by international law?”

      This is a very good question and important. What I have thought here is that if a NATO country would help no-NATO country militarily against Russian aggression, then Russia see it as a act of war from NATO. Therefore it is not possible.
      Sweden and Finland are here in tight military co-operation, and that is what we are doing right now. Ukraine situation has shown us that NATO countries don’t send troops to help, only other kinda support (economic sanctions, humanitarian help etc).
      The line is quite clear IMO. NATO or not NATO. Therefore Finland and Sweden must join. Otherwise this kinda scenario is possible?


  2. Bokmal sanoo:

    While waiting for the next installment I’ve now re-read the Operation Garbo trilogy. I’d be happy to leave the eighties and return to today. How about a new installment soon, very very soon… 😉 Pretty please!

    Liked by 1 henkilö


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