Jolly Viking X files, deleted scenes, bonus tracks…

NATO BALTSECCOM, Latvia Zvirbuli AB 1230 zulu.

Air base was busy. You could hear the fighters coming and going. Afterburners made the bunkers wall vibrate. Operation room was noisy. All kinda radios were on and you could smell the tense air. Polish ASACS officer Wera Sliwinska was giving orders with good Oxford English. Italian Fighter Wing 63rd Typhoon pilots were listening very concentrated. Two of them were also pilots in the Frecce Tricolori aerobatics team.

-We have now AWACS over Poland. That is now taking command over Baltic air space. That is priority one. We are second. We monitor, they control. Alright then, get ready, six planes QRA the other six in 1 hour readiness. Any questions, ask your wing master. Dismiss!

Colonel-Major Sliwinska was an excellent MiG-29 pilot. After certain age pilots were moved to ground units and AWACS and other multiple posts in intelligence, command and control etc. She was now helping the intel department that had three big birds, intel drones over the Baltic sky. Two were passive and one was reading Baltic Fleet signals and the other was reading Russian west side, Pskov and Luga region. The third was much higher and read whole south Finland to Leningrad and from Gotland to Aland. They all were working on slightly different bands and modes and they gathered the information from these intel birds and made a one big picture. They also had satellites, ground radars, AWACS was feeding them too, NATO Baltic Fleet was on the net etc. The amount of data was enormous. And they had trained this in the busiest areas in the world like London, New York, Germany. They were some high-tech brains and as pilots, they knew exactly what the blinking dot meant and how to react to it…

Russia, Obinsk 28th Missile Division 1204 zulu

-General! Flash message! Category A!

28th Missile Division was silo based unit that had 12 SS-19 Stilettos, long-range ICBM’s with multiple war heads under ground that could reach to Florida. The were one of the units that were meant to be a ”retaliation force” after the possibly first strike to Russia. They could also be launched as first strike weapons but as it was under constant surveillance from satellites, it couldn’t do it secretly. It was 100km from Moscow to SW and there was also other military units on that area. That area was basically all military with supporting logistic and railway systems, air defense units, highly classified military intelligence units, Tank Brigade just few miles to north etc. All the industry on that area was only to support this missile division. Commander Colonel Valeriy Kasyanov took the printed message and went nervous…

-Order silos 1,2 and 3 to open their hatches. Do not start filling the fuel. Just open the hatches.

It seems that Kreml wanted to show USA and president Clinton that they can play this game also. The satellites above them will send the message in real-time.

-Order full alarm on base. Battle stations. Close the area. Get me a car and driver. I’ll go to the silos myself. Get security company ready, they will go with me.

-Da colonel.

Operation officer Major Kitainova start giving orders to the radio net, opened a manual and started reading the check list. It was a relief that they were not ordered to start fueling those big bastards but what were the orders to 7 other Missile Divisions? Or Navy, Air Force and land forces nuclear troops?

Finland, Skärgårdshavets Marinkommando, Pansio 1324 zulu.

Big interactive screen was showing the Baltic Sea area from Stockholm to Turku, Finland. Åland was there in the middle. All kinda lines, dots, symbols, circles, letters were filling the screen that was the only light source in the underground Naval bunker… oh, except other smaller computer screen and few laptops. This unit, Finnish Navy’s Archipelago Sea Naval Command was just lifted up. It was an old unit and command structure that was still on papers for situations. Like this.

-Can we get the whole Baltic Sea on the screen? And another screen beside it with this Åland area?

-Yes sir, we can split, I’ll take the TV from the hall.

-Ok. Fast. Please. And clear up a map table here in front. And bring some table lamps. Do we have a line to Sweden?

-Yes sir, secured and unsecured. Also satellite link is working. That big screen is showing now actually Swedish Navy’s intel at the moment. Our own intel is on this screen. I can combine these to the big one.

-Do that. And take of the civilian traffic for a moment.

The HQ’s personnel, all 12, looked at the screen. They saw a Russian Navy 13 ship strong convoy heading to Åland, 3 helos covering them, 12 Russian Su-27’s and 30’s buzzing around them. There was also two Russian EW and intel planes over Åland, one north, one south, two fighter patrols here and there, 3 fast attack Destroyer groups, two mine-layer groups one heading to Helsinki region, one to Åland. Also multiple smaller two or three ship strong groups pinging actively with their radars. And constant line of transport planes to Marienhamn, Åland…


Jolly Viking X files, deleted scenes, bonus tracks…

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