Jolly Viking part 12

” Åland. What the fuck happened at Åland? How did we not learn from Crimea? ”

Retired Commander of the Finnish Army, General Stunnberg in his memoirs 2021.


Åland was ancient archipelago between Finland and Sweden. It rise after Ice Age from the sea, just like most parts of Finland and Sweden. The first people arrived from west and south, it developed in the same phase as Sweden and Finland, Vikings had over 60 castles or similar there, there was plenty of seals, birds, fish and enough land to grow crops. When the modern age come, it was part of Sweden, like Finland. Or Russian Empire, the wars have been coming and going in these areas in history like a clockwork. The usual hour was 70 years. Or something like that. But that Island, or series of Islands was defenetly closer to Swedish culture than Finnish. They spoke Sweden, had Swedish traditions and wanted to be part of Sweden. They wanted to be part of Sweden but after WW2 when they realized that Finland protected them from Russia or USSR they find a mutual respect and United Nations had demilitarized it so Finland make it an autonomous region in Finland, the only one. It had its own Government, the Landskapsregering and own laws. They paid taxes to their own government, had many advantages in shipping, trade and tourism etc. The average income for a Åland citizen was good, Åland was the 20th wealthiest of the EU’s 268 regions, and the wealthiest in Finland, with a GDP per inhabitant 47% above the EU mean. So yeah, life was good there. And why not. So what the fuck happened?

Åland, Marienhamn Airport, 7th December 2017 zulu 0020

All looked like just two normal charter flights was coming in. Tourists from Kazakhstan, some wealthy millionaires have reserved a whole spa and village area over year ago. High class VIP persons and so on. Very usual business. Besides Åland has its own banks and were very active in international matters. Money doesn’t have a nationality they say… Customs officer Eva Eriksson was getting ready to stamp the passports, even it was late night, the local time was 01:20, she was smiling and the other customs worker, security guard was also relaxed and joking about Borat, in Swedish of course that the visitors wouldn’t understand he was making fun of them. Then suddenly some one yelled ”Jävla, vi har en bomb här!” and a loud bang and flash went off. The next thing was that Eva and the security guard had a 9mm Glock pistol on their foreheads and the VIP visitors stormed through the metal detector and around it with exposed western machine-gun MP5’s and start securing the airport like professionals. The guy holding Eva said in perfect Swedish that ”Nothing to worry my love, we are from Europol and we heard that terrorists are coming to hit here tonight, we are securing this place, you won’t be hurt. No show me the control room.” And Eva did what she was told. The security guard hesitated and demand some papers, with a Glock in his head… and the guy holding the gun took an Europol official Identification card from his pocket. Of course it was just a brilliant fake. But it did the job. The guard said that he can help them and start to show them places. Meanwhile the second group from the other plane was already storming in the Air traffic control tower. There was only two workers and after they were told that this was a Europol operation and Eva confirmed, they started to co-operate. The only guys that spoke, spoke pretty good Swedish. Others were quiet and used masks, all the usual secret operators stuff. Nothing indicated to Russia. At that moment…

Two Russian Navy transport planes had taken of from Levashevo military air field, Leningrad 40 minutes before. They had informed their route to Kaliningrad and used transponders and all normal stuff that they won’t alarm NATO to come and check them. But near Åland they switched all those off and dived low and went max speed toward Marienhamn. In 12 minutes they have landed there and emptied their cargo: heavy weapons, Russian stingers, rpg’s etc. and two companies of Russian Special Forces, Spetsnatz. And at that time in Pskov 6 Antonovs were loaded and airborne with a Battalion of VDV, Russian Elite soldiers, Parachuters. This was their recon and spearhead group, they had also with them BMD-3’s, some other small Russian APC’s and a lot of ammo. On their left and right side fled 4 Su-24’s with electronic jamming devices, chaffs and EW stuff to make those big birds disappear from radars. And another column of Antonov’s was behind them with same kinda escort. They fly low and fast. The NATO radar network was first confused, but since those were on international airspace, they thought it was just another transport flight to Kaliningrad. But near Åland those Big Birds suddenly gain some height and prepared to drop their troops to the fields north from Marienhamn, only 2km from the city. And then it suddenly was all too late. Russian Baltic Fleet ships near the region started their Electronic Warfare stuff, jammed radars, gave false targets, make whole sectors blind etc. And the cyber department from Moscow had implanted a genius attack against Finnish radars and make them nonoperational for several hours. And the Russian Air Force take of in big time, they suddenly scrambled 3 squadrons, also Russians scrambled normal empty passenger planes and full passenger planes with troops to Marienhamn. You can’t shoot down fighters flying next to passenger planes…


Åland Governor Peter Linblom had a letter few weeks earlier where was invitation to a meeting in Leningrad to talk about the possible second gas-pipe plans cross Baltic Sea. There was many important guys, like the former prime-minister Paavo Lipponen, Nordea Banks Nalle Wahlroos, Russian top bankers, ministers from different states and levels etc. Also with him was Åland’s monopoly betting company PAF’s CEO and Åland bankers. The meeting was very high-class, well Gasprom was multi-billion company and didn’t save on expenses on situations like these. After very nice dinner at the bar, or it was more like a collection of gold and ancient Rome statues in a low-key lightening with smell of exotic and rare wood, one Gasprom high rank guy approached him and started to talk about the possibly building of that gas pipe. That how hard it is, the supply routes from Leningrad were difficult at the winter, the middle Baltic Sea was difficult at high seas, that they would have a use for some building units to rent hotels and places to rest at the Åland Islands etc. Governor Lindblom was delighted and said that if the project will start, there’s no problem with that. Then the Gasprom guy started to talk about that they have also heavy equipment, machinery, ships and stuff that can use some harbor and dock space if Åland has anything that kinda stuff to offer. Lindblom started to see money piles in his eyes and said that of course, he will check and said that we can surely get a deal if the price is just right. The Gasprom guy smiled and said that money wasn’t their problem, it was the smallest problem in their company. Then they both laughed and ordered a second round.

-We have budget of 9600 million dollars for this pipe.

-That is some serious money mister Gubaroff.

-Oh just call me Petja. Yes, these things tend to be costly. But they also bring working places and helps economy, what you think?

-Certainly, indeed. That’s a good thing.

-Da. That kinda money needs several banks to cooperate also. You know, international project, Germany, Europe, Russia…

-Well, we have a banking sector also in Åland. And it’s quite big…

-Oh you do? How about… you are part of Finland, aren’t you?

-No no, we are autonomous. We have our own laws. In banking too. We are a special status area in European Union.

-Well goddamn. That might solve some problems we have…

-I can assure you that we are as tight in bank security as Switzerland is.

-Really? Wou. That sounds promising! You know, we have billions to transfer to other banks because of the payments systems and taxes and currency problems… you name it!

-Tell me about it! Yeah, we are very familiar with those questions. By the way that Nordea head Nalle Wahlroos is here, why not talk with… or nah, let’s talk with our bank leaders first, shall we?

-Sure, why not. Let’s have a meeting one day. We can fly to Marienhamn? Or you like to come to Leningrad?

-It’s all up to you Petja. When it suits you best. Here’s my card, let our secretaries schedule this okay?

-Harashoo. Sounds good. Now lets forget business. You have tasted our new black vodka by the way? It is awesome, let’s go to the best nightclub here! You should see the waitresses, they are like… can’t describe. C’mon davai davai!…

Now few weeks later he was waking up to roaring planes and some shooting. A special force unit was knocking his door. His dog was barking like mad. He was confused and cursed the Finnish military having a uninformed drill again… he went to the door and opened it. There was four guys with masks and full military gear that immediately rushed in and secured the place. At the door he stared Petja Gubareff who was in full military gear and had colonels stars on his shoulder. Russian colonels stars…

few hours later…

-And here is a letter from our Sergey Ivanov, Presidential Chief of Staff. You might know him, he was here last summer…

-Umh, oh that guy. He speaks fluent Swedish… should I open this?

-Yes, of course my friend Peter! It is for you!

They had some tea and a bottle of good brandy opened. Peter Lindblom looked quite shaky, he was totally surprised. Russian Army at Åland. Last time that was like… forever. He heard that this was a peace keeping drill, that the Finn’s have forgotten to tell him. They played to him president Niinistö’s phone-call about it and he was outraged, how can Finland not inform him…

-Is this letter real?

-Of course it is my friend. We can call him right away if you want!

-I mean that… this is some serious stuff. I don’t know if the international laws…

-International laws? You are an autonomous area, you can rule yourself. You have your own government. And Independent Åland… wouldn’t that be something people have always dreamed? Own money, own… everything. Think the possibilities. You would be a President. President.

-President. Yes. But President of a demilitarized Åland. We have no army…

-Did you read the letter? Russia will assure to Åland that it will secure its non-military status and come to help if needed. We will make this clear to Finland and Sweden and NATO.

-But then we are in a military pact? And that is not…

-…good? My friend. Look. The letter says that you… I mean Åland rents to Russia Föglö and Kökar islands. Those two little pieces, totally meaningless areas to you. You rent them to us for the construction of the new gas pipe, we need storage area and so on. We also put there some minor military elements to protect the construction and secure the Åland Islands also. Just some anti-aircraft missiles and maybe company or two infantry. We also will build new harbor and dock there, those construction ships need heavy supplies. And we will buy all our needs from Åland, like food, water, electricity…

-How much did you say that Russia is ready to pay rent?

-9 Billion dollars. And a 20 year deal. Your share will be 3%. That’s 270 million dollars.


-Well, it’s normality in Russia. Besides a President must be a wealthy man. How else he could be respected and rule his nation, eh? And did I mention that this doesn’t include the money coming from Gasprom? They are ready to invest 3 Billion to Åland Banks after it gets its Independence.

-Jävla… I need a drink…

-Think that you can say to all your people that they don’t need to pay taxes for 4 years after they vote Yes for the Independency. And that those Islands, Kökar and Föglö will be open for your people, they can still live there normally, all 800 people… yes, we counted.

-Can they also fish there, do they need passports or something…

-Of course they can Peter. And no, we need the passports my friend here. After all we are going to rent those, not buy. And when the gas pipe is ready, we don’t need those so much anymore.

-Jävla jävla jävla… how do you think we can arrange that kinda Independence movement or vote here? It has to be legal. I mean internationally legal…

-My friend, Peter. We have learned a lot from Crimea. It was a mistake. We should have  just stay on the Sevastopol rent deal and not occupy it. But now we have learned that things can be done differently. In the proper and legal way. You speak to your government, then you decide and speak to the people, we arrange a vote, call UN here and that’s it. Well, if UN doesn’t show up, we will find some legal organization to do it.

-What if my government hears about the 3%? They need money also?

-We make an offer to your government. That they get their share too. Like 0.5%? Or 1%? For each of course. You can say that you get the same deal. And the rent is paid with cash to your banks, 5 years at once, that is umhh… yes, it’s 2250 million dollars at once. Right after the vote.

-And 3% of that is 67,5 million…

-Yes it is. Quite serious money or what Peter? president Peter Lindblom…

-Holy shit. Shit. You know… I need to call my government here. Can you tell them the same thing you told me? Just forget the 3% part…

-Sure, no problem. Just wait a second…. Soldier!

-Yest colonel!

-Go get more brandy and some of that best caviar, snacks and fruits. We need to make this table look good for our guests, or what Peter?

-That’s… a very good idea. Thanks. Petja…

And so started a one hellova coup that nobody could never see coming. The rise of Nationalism and Corruption… Two Horseman was galloping over the Baltic Sea sky…

… – – – …

This is fiction… stay tuned… Iskanders on the way to Finnish soil… 😉

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Jolly Viking part 12

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