Jolly Viking, part 8


USA, White House, situation room 1303 zulu

-Mrs President, we don’t know is Putin live or not. But we do know that Shoigu has the nuclear keys.

-Have we called him? Has he called us?

-We have tried and no, he has not called us. They keep saying all lines are reserved for military purposes only in Moscow. Our ambassador has tried to contact Kreml, but they keep saying that wait. Kreml is heavily guarded at the moment.

-Defense department, what’s your prediction?

-Heavy increase of Russian military action at Finnish border and Baltic Sea but no indications of Strategic Missile troops movements or activity, yet. We have reports of Pacific Fleet going out, mobilizations in far-east, central Russia and south. Northern fleet is staying close to Murmansk and Norway, just some normal patrol stuff in middle Atlantic. But there was an incident at Kaliningrad and now our troops are in kinda stand of with Russians at Baltics.


-Well, you have to see this CNN report, can we have it on screen… thank you. As you see Russians shot death one truck driver and caused a massive explosion. This is all over the internet now. This with Putin stuff… well, media is hyperventilating now. Polish government announced a while ago of a mobilization of 40k reservists. Suwalki Gap.

-I can’t believe this is happening to me. Bill got a blow job gate and I’m having WW3…

-Mrs President, if I may, I’m national security counselor Bradwick by the way… yes, if I may…

-May what?

-…sir, I mean, madam, Mrs President, this is a huge opportunity.

-What? To start WW3 and wipe out the humanity from this planet?

-Yes… well no. I mean to prevent it. And make you more popular than Bill. We have latest polls after your speech, your response was widely accepted, especially from the right wing…

-They always like war rhetoric. And that was a text book response in this kinda crises situation… how many points we did after the speech?

-We did plus 18.

-Wou. Was it the blue dress? Tell me more about your idea, Hardwick.

-Bradwick… sir… madam President. The idea is to make a deal with China and Japan. Then go hard against Russia and save Europe. It’s win-win. You create peace in east and solve problems in Europe. And our economy will skyrocket.

-China and Japan? How?

-We promise Japan the Kurill Islands, give China a chunk of Siberia, Manchuria or what they need. And China will promise not to expand their borders to west like the sand islands and so on. This needs some secret negotiations, I believe we have a scenario for this some where, or look what Kissinger did. Now this needs that you take a serious war mode against Russia, it will look good on right wing and military. Russia is not that impressive in military capabilities, we don’t need to form massive divisions or have a mobilization, we get enough good crazy volunteers and Europe has been gearing up quite good. Besides they need this too, too much dividing inside European Union, we don’t want to loose that continent, it is our best market and ally.

-So China and Japan goes to war against Russia? How the hell we gona get those areas for them?

-It’s all hybrid madam. Those areas in Russia’s far east are literally empty. Only Vladivostok is some how thriving cause the harbor and Navy there. It costs Russia billions to keep that area. And they are poor. We don’t need a war. We just use what Russia does: refugees. And some murky diplomatic.

-This sounds too complicated. Besides murky diplomacy is not what we want to do. It tends to blow on your face sooner or later.

-We let others do that murky part. United Nations have had enough of Russia’s veto on the UN council. They want to kick them out. Or at least make them behave. They shoot passenger planes out of the sky and annex other countries and make UN impotent. They need their credibility back. Strong UN is also our win. We are after all trying to make this planet a better place…

-Okay, how you get refugees to Siberia?

-Climate change is causing massive problems to China. They are over crowded. They can just walk over the border, they are tough people and can survive in harsh conditions. When they pop up on Russia, we send in UN observers and food, medical and all kinda humanitarian help. The local Russian governors there are easy to bribe. Or we don’t need to bribe them, they’ll just steel some of the stuff, we let them. And we give them money to build up refugee camps etc. Besides Russia will use them as cheap labor, they can’t beat Chinese in work efficiency or attitude. Chinese don’t drink. We call this all a temporary solution to save lives. Russia will vote yes because it brings them money and good reputation, also smooths down the war against Finland. And they think they can ”Russify” them but… well, it goes other way, China will ”Chinafy” Siberia. There is ethnic populations like Yakutians who are much closer to Chines culture than Russian. They will understand this too late. And by that time there is 3 million Chinese there. The Kurills and Japanese, it is after all their ancient land. And Russia doesn’t do anything with those islands. Japan can offer them money for those Islands. And Russia needs cash. It all looks like Russia also has a solution to keep peace in eastern parts. Because they need the military at the European side. That’s where we are active. Let the UN and China, Japan be active in east. We just support. It is after all humanitarian project.

-Interesting thinking Mr. Bradwick. But what if Russia and China makes a deal and this actually makes them closer?

-China understands the power of reputation. Good reputation. Just think of Panda’s. They also know that Russia has lost its reputation. And Europe is their biggest market area. Funny thing is that this same kinda plan has been up in United Nations, at the Near Future Crises think tank group year ago. Or scenario. In that not public report they predict a war for the Siberian empty lands between China and Russia but we got interested of this after we find out that Russia was causing and using this refugee flow to Europe. This is actually not war, not even Hybrid War, this is happening. China has send Russian language courses in medium and long waves for years, they have over 2 million illegal workers in Russia at the moment, by the blessing of Oligarchs. We’ve found out that China has a whole department in Defense Ministry which is thinking these kinda things. And they made some approaches to us after Crimea.

-But what about North Korea?

-We make a deal with China that they kick their puppet out from the window. And let Korea unite. They will gladly let that happen after we promise them Siberia. You will win the Korea War and people will love you for that…

-Oh bloody hell, I’m getting goose bumps…

-We’ve been looking closely Russia and it seems they are putting all to one card at the moment. They might go all in, they actually don’t believe that you would go harsh on them because the are not in reality confrontating NATO at the moment, they are looking a fast victory from Finland and that is part of their ”Break EU” plan. It is more internal politics than geopolitics, they are moving to totalitarianism at the moment and need war for that. Stalin did it in 1939, they gain something, hurt Finland bad but also united that country. This time they believe in surprise and confusion. Also the Finns have been in sleep, kinda old Cold War era remnants. Or they have tried to play nice with them and got betrayed. Russia has this long game plan of making West weak and possibly breaking NATO but it is going sour. And the economic sanctions are working but this could be a bad side effect we didn’t see coming. And Russia want’s to prevent Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

-Has Sweden asked to join?

-Actually the King of Sweden has asked kindly that if he could visit White House ASAP. I believe that’s it.

-Okay, mr. Hardwick, give me full report of this plan with details in 12 hours, others keep me informed and get me someone from Kreml on line. That horse face Lavrov will do.

-Mrs. President, the plan is on your desk. I send it just before this meeting.

-Okay, you follow me. We have some business to do. Others, dismiss.


Swedish Army HQ’s, 1325 zulu.

-Sir, we have new intel from Åland. Looks like the S-400’s are already there…

-What? Impossible!

-Sir, our drones have captured signatures of launcher vehicles, command post and traffic between air borne radars and those. Also this picture popped up on internet, we geolocated it, it is Marienhamn.

-Has NATO confirmed?

-Yes sir. They have same readings and also satellite pictures showing one unit with erected launch tubes. We haven’t seen the typical radars for that unit, yet. But it doesn’t need them necessarily.

-But Marienhamn’s airfield is too short for that size cargo, how the hell they managed to land those beasts!?

-In parts sir. We counted that if you send launcher with empty tubes, you can land there. And then you send missile’s in four packs. And Antonov’s need a minimum fuel load for short range, those came from Leningrad.

-So what’s in the Kaliningrad ship unit?

-Anything basically sir. One Ropucha can carry 25 BTR’s or 12 T-90’s. Or three Bastion coastal missile units with Yakhont’s.

-How far away that unit is from Marienhamn?

-260km heading 181. It has heavy escort, two helo’s are constantly over it as their radar’s and eyes, they have made clear that they will open fire against any ships approaching it, they fired some 30mm bursts over a fishing ship awhile ago. They are going without lights, it’s dark now. They have 8 hours still to Marienhamn.

-Well, if they have already S-400 there, this unit is covered with that. Russia can be bluffing with empty missile tubes but you can’t take that risk. I’m betting that they have more S-400’s and coastal missile battery or two in those Ropucha’s. Then they can ease few ships around it and have a range up to 400km against any plane or ship around it.

-Sir, what if they have Iskander’s in those Ropucha’s?

-Iskander’s… with nuclear tips? Call Beklinge now!

Swedish Air Force Base, some where near Beklinge 1330 zulu.

-New intel sir. You are not going to like this.

-Let me see… possibly S-400 already in Åland, new estimated cargo of 4 Ropucha’s is Iskander’s that has nuclear payload possibility, have to be confirmed…

-They are sending drones now, also NATO is scanning for radioactive sources. There was radioactive clouds spotted in south Finland just while ago, rumors of a core meltdown in Lovisa nuclear plant…

-Makes sense. How does a nuclear weapon state keeps enemy away? All it takes a rumor. One bloody rumor that they have a nuclear bomb some where there. They might even have one there already. The smallest warhead is the size of a football. And what does it mean?

-That if we attack, it might blow. And then it is our fault.

-Yes. Russkies are playing this good. Too good.

-You mean that the core meltdown is fake?

-Yes it is. In emergency situations like mobilization and so on, they start shutting down nuclear reactors. If it would have failed in Lovisa, it would have meltdown hours ago. And there was two separate clouds. But now people have been warned. They see Russian nuclear warheads every where.

-But that is a major violation of the demilitarization of Åland…

-Who cares? They are already there. They didn’t care it when they went to Crimea, same rumors was on the air. And Russia send there strategic bombers. It doesn’t have to be there, just the possibility is enough. Call up the 103. We need some new planning.

-Right away sir.

-And send this to General Kaski…

Russia Moscow, NDCC, Cyber Department, underground facilities 1342 zulu.

General Natalya Topor was watching BBC news from one of the screens and smiling…

-Everyone, look BBC now!

”…and UN has condemned Russia’s actions at Aland saying that it is a violation of the demilitarization. However Russian media has showed destroyed armored vehicle with a RPG hole and said that this is anti-tank weapon used against their peace keeping troops and that it killed 3 of their soldiers. Also high power sniper rifles have been used against them, 2 is said to be critically wounded and one is dead. They say that this is proof of Finland secretly trying to militarize Aland and that they have the right as a UN Council member to act and secure peace there. They have also found hidden weaponry from Marienhamn airport area, here is footage from one of the claimed weapon caches, anti-aircraft missiles, mines and anti-tank missiles that can be used against ships. The cache has Finnish military…”

-Take a note, use that RPG hole! They shoot first and that weapon is anti-tank weapon! And dig out all hunters in Aland, they have lot’s of weapons and weapons are military! Finland is attacking United Nations here, not only Russia!

”…Lovisa nuclear plant few hours ago. We can’t be sure is it a meltdown, the radioactivity there is high. Finnish officials have not confirmed but they are saying that radioactivity is also high near Helsinki, 10 miles to east Lovisa direction. There was a explosion recorded on the security camera, here you can see it was just over the reactor building and then it went down. If you remember from Fukushima, similar explosion was recorded because the pressure and hydrogen blew the roof…”

-Okay, push now Chernobyl memories on the internet, the radioactivity fallout map, use weather reports, say that it will go over Europe. Estimate massive casualties, something like 100k or more. And Fukushima is good too. Use the suitcase bomb narrative also, that some far-right group did a bomb attack. That their idea was blew up a nuclear plant to contaminate Leningrad and Russia. Terrorism!

”…mobilization of Russian Military Forces is now ongoing. NATO has reported that the whole Western Military District is now on 80% readiness but troops at the Finnish border are 100% and other districts are possibly in 80% readiness in 24 hours. Situation in Kaliningrad is tense since the Russian border guards killed and blew up the truck that…”

-What the hell was that truck about? Find out all information you can and bring it to me ASAP! And that video that is going around, tell that it was terrorist that provoked us to shoot! Dig out some suicide bombers from Iraq and Afghanistan, push videos of those into facebook, twitter… everywhere. Oh, and Breiviks massive bomb in Norway! Use picture where he is making the Hitler salute! And the bloody civilians and dead children.

”…EU leaders have now decided to call up the Lisbon Treaty and send humanitarian help to Finland to evacuate and take the Lovisa nuclear plant under control. Also OSCE is sending observers to Finnish borders and trying to get into Aland. Russia has invited them but not given permission to enter there yet saying it is too dangerous because there are para-military groups that need to be arrested first…”

-Lisbon Treaty… people, remind that Finland is not a NATO member as isn’t Sweden also. Push out that Lisbon Treaty is only humanitarian and accepts only non-military help! NATO is the military of European Union and spread rumors that Hungary, Greece, Turkey and some others will oppose all new members to NATO. Who hates the Swedes most in Europe? Anyone? Italy? Portuguese? Find out and target those with trollers, use our Muslim friends from Syria, Palestine and Indian friends in that! Also alert Indonesia, Vietnam and others. Dig out the Swed’s old nuclear bomb plans from 60’s and give Israel some dirty pokes, they hate Sweden cause they have this heavy pro-Palestine wing. And leak some classified bullshit to Mother Jones, Tea Party and other American tin foil people that this is the conspiracy of the end of the World to start WW3 and wipe out Russia! Give them the drone’s video of the explosion, nobody has seen it before. Call it nuclear explosion, possibly a bomb. They’ll add the atom-bomb themselves to it… fucking horror porn people… so easy to use…

-Natalya, the document of Finnish concentration camps when they attacked us in 1942 is ready.

-You put Hitler visiting Finland there? And the SS Division in Lapland raping women? Also the Finn’s fighting in SS Nordic?

-Yes, it’s all there. Also some ”new discovered evidence” of one camp, we have skulls with holes in the neck, children also. It is really from our own camp but…

-Never say that, never even think about that! You have to believe your own bullshit, otherwise you get sloppy and it will show. The tone is very important. Devil is hidden in the small details!

-Of course General.

”…and now for the weather, high pressure area is moving from north towards middle Europe bringing some cold air and windy conditions, slight rain…”

-And use this weather. It’s perfect for us. Winter is coming…

… – – – …

This is fiction, raw text, method one. Based on facts. Stay tuned… part 9 soon… 😉





Jolly Viking, part 8


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