Jolly Viking, Part 7


Russia, Bolshoy Bor, 100km east from Lovisa Finland 1213 zulu.

Big trucks were parked in the forest near the waterline. They were well camouflaged. Two identical drones were at the beach end of a 300 meter long concrete pier. Burning tires near make a thick smoke cover over them. It was already getting dark. Inside one truck three men were sitting by computers, they had NBC suits but have taken the gas masks off.

-What’s the radiation level, lieutenant?

-Inside normal, outside still average 33mSv.

-Sir! We have a go! Lovisa nuclear plant is on alert! They have announced  emergency breakdown on their alert information network! Cyber Dee has confirmed!

-Bloody time! Okay, start engine on drone A. Activate containers 1 and 2. Light the pier. Start launching!

Two men in heavy NBC suits pulled of pins from bomb looking devices under the big drones pylons, start its propelled engine and pulled of cables that were keeping the batteries fully loaded till the last moment. They both lifted up their left hand as a sign that all is ready.

-We have a go. All systems checked, flight path updated, wind mild 2 m/s north. Davai!

Drone started to roll on a smooth long pier and lifted off to the darkening sky without any lights flashing. It was painted matte black. The engine was quiet and the propel made only a humming kinda low noise. That was GRU night intel drone but now it was modificated to carry two pressurized canisters of a mixture of Barium, Uranium oxide, low level Strontium and some other radioactive nasty shit in liquid methane. Best way to make a radioactive cloud was a boom they say. The second drone was quickly launched with same method. It just had a slightly different flight path.

-Fucking hell. They made us wait here 6 hours. How much our drone crew got radiation?

-Well, their radiation level meters show here like 2Sv, but it can be more since we gave them the downgraded meters. One of them has a bleeding nose…

-We can’t take them in, they are too contaminated.

-They are conscripts after all, from Krasnoyarsk NBC school.

-Yes, that’s why GRU took them… okay, clean up, call the bulldozer. I’ll go and relief those poor bastards from their misery. Write down Lieutenant that these boys will have medals for Motherland. We give them both two.

-Da sir. Special missions, special medals…

Major went to those two drone mechanics and ordered them in to line, salute them and then pulled out his Makarov and gave both two shots in the head. Two black drones were heading to Finland flying low and autonomously following the coast line and using islands and other stuff as cover. It would take only 35 minutes to get over Lovisa and 70 minutes over Helsinki. Black painted bulldozer was pushing the soil, two bodies and other equipment to a pre-made big deep trench. The tires were still burning.


Finland, near Jyväskylä, 500m SE from railroad bomb 1210 zulu

Lexa was decoding the numbers. It was a group message with lots of information, new targets, Finnish military movements and so on. And finally there was the piece of information they were waiting: a train has passed Jyväskylä station to south with 28 Leopard 2A6 tanks and other equipment, trucks, ammo and six passenger cars, the crews for those tanks few minutes ago. It would be on their spot in 10 minutes.

-We are on. 10 minutes. Lets get closer.

-Closer? We can blow it from here, look good connection, full field.

-Yes but I need pictures!

-You’ll have enough pictures from news. Besides that’ll blow your cover, da?

-Yes but a selfie with a blowing train behind you… that is the selfie of Year!

-Lexa, you are the commanding officer here. I can’t stop you. But I have to remind you about the dirty strontium trick we left there…

-Sukaa… yeah, maybe you are right. But we need to open the window and listen it coming closer. And confirm the crash. The noise will be enough. Okay, but I press the button!

-Sure Major. Here pasahlsta.

Two round holes appeared to the wind shield. One bullet went through Alexanders forehead and one smashed Pavels left shoulder. In three seconds he was on the ground and a Finnish Special Operator with a skull mask was holding a 9mm pistol on his temple and asking in perfect Russian where was the bomb. Pavel was so confused that it was their own guy and told them everything, even the strontium stuff and mines.

-Thanks comrade, guys you heard that? Call the train to stop, de-activate the bomb then let the train through! And you Paavo, come with us.

Pavel heard the Finnish commands and went white on his face. Bolshoi suka bljat. They were blown. Then all went black, his head was covered and ears taped that he couldn’t hear anything. He felt a small pinch and then it all went dark… deep dark.

Moscow, Ramenskoye AB, 1208 zulu.

Russian Navy Colonel Severnyiv and Admiral Ponomarev and two other officers were lifting of with a Hawker 800 business class jet that had a cruise speed 0.75 Mach. It was one of Navy’s VIP planes and was heading to Leningrad. Their estimated flight time was 55 minutes.

-Plane is secured. Looks like our info was slightly wrong, defense minister Shoigu wasn’t at the bomb scene, he is the General coups lead man. Or they have chosen him to be that. Now here is what we know about the coup, the hard core is Army Generals new ”revolution group”. They are all Zhirinovsky’s and Dugin’s and other nationalists strong supporters. Orthodox church has a strong supporting branch for this also. Old commies are with them also. Kirill is one of them. Valaam Monastery is filled with these guys. Also GRU is under them and part of FSB. MVD will join them, or already has. Their idea was to kill Putin and use that as a cause to Martial Laws and mobilization. The government was forced under gun point to accept this coup. They are used as puppets at the moment. Prime minister Medvedev is kidnapped and taken to the front, he is with 6th Army.

-What about other branches, Air Force, Strategic Rocket troops and others?

-They have no choice since they lack man power. Besides they will accept this, they have promised to take over Putin’s wealth and some other oligarchs money and give them massive piece of it. They will make the Military strong again and restore tight control. They seem to believe that the time has come to show some strength. Our Navy commander has been changed to a hardcore guy, Admiral Demrov.

-Oh shit, Demrov…

-Yes, Demrov. He is one of the Oligarchs who controls Leningrad weapon and money collecting mafia, the ”Squids”. Of course there are no straight links to him, he is one of Putin’s protegees and saved his life once in 80’s Leningrad. Now he is with the coup. There is huge money flowing in Leningrad, Gazprom, Primorsk, gas pipe, all big oil companies etc. He has also a dacha at Valaam Monastery and Komsomolskaya lake. Colonel Tshukarev and Ruhanov here have been investigating corruption in our military, undercover and secretly of course, and found some interesting connections. Putin tried to keep that under his control and started to wipe out people who were getting too… umh, let’s say greedy. Or opposing his politics. After Ukraine the mass pile of weak heart Generals were planning to go public of his secret power but FSB arranged them cardiological issues. These sanctions are doing massive damage to these millionaire Generals and other governmental leaders. Actually they believe the will lose their power, they fear Maidan at Moscow. They think that going war will solve the problems, they want to take Finland and then negotiate a final solution with west, get the sanctions disappear and then lift the oil price with Syria stuff. Fucking old school Clausewitz nuts…

-War is just politics…

-That’s what USSR was about. We were is constant war since WW2. We needed to keep our citizens in fear so that they would obey. Communists used the victory as the proof that it was the best system. We had three holidays a year for only that. We marched in columns to celebrate victory of war… for 45 years… some heavy irony… And Putin is bringing it back. Except there is no victory and they think they need one. Crimea was not enough. And that’s why they are poking NATO and USA constantly. They try to provoke a war so they can go in full war mode, have a victory and then take control.

-But NATO isn’t going for it, it knows it’s just idiotic and they can easily prevent our attacks. Not to mention USA.

-Exactly. Ukraine is too big for full war, we can loose that. But Finland is perfect target. And Sweden after that, if it doesn’t join NATO. But it will.

-But Finland is EU. Won’t they do something?

-That’s the unknown factory. We believe they will do something. Kreml believes it can keep EU out of this situation with it’s hybrid tricks. Pure Macchiavellism. Like the Venice negotiator. Good old commie style bullshit and force. What else can you except from a KGB brainwashed colonel? Does he know any else? With his Dugin clan which is a poisonous mixture of Satanism and geopolitics, he is heading to destruction. He is leading the country to that.

-But people like him. Or most of did. Does.

-Russia had its good moment in early 2000 when oil price was good and the 90’s mayhem calmed. There was no other way than up. Our economy got better because oil and gas, not because we started to work better. Putin channeled money to new roads, infrastructure and military. Military meant also jobs and we need to keep up our nuclear deterrence. And the borders were open, 10 million moved out and iphones in. He had to allow that, people gave him respect for that and they felt like things would really get better. And of course things get better comparing the USSR shit. But he and his brigade are no better that some old commie politbyro, they are getting old, they don’t want to give up power, they can’t eject the old USSR out from themselves. Russian mentality is like a caveman in modern global world…

-Caveman with a nuclear stick…

-Yes, and world knows that. And fear that. Only that.

Russia, Tsvetotshnoje, 10km NW from 6th Army HQ’s 1301 zulu.

Koroljev’s Spetsnatz team ”Pjat” had Finnish Army camo suits, gear and insignias. Even the weapons were exact same, RK 7.62, model 76 with same upgrades that Finns have made. It was basically AK47, but better quality and used same ammo. Few of the guys spoke perfect Finnish, most of them could communicate with Finnish military orders. The have trained for 12 months for this operation. They knew maps, street signs, the canal by memory. They have been on Finland’s side as tourists on separate missions on the area, they knew the civilian houses near their targets, who lived there, they knew Finish plans how to explode the canal locks, they were experts in de-activating bombs and making them. Now they were loading their equipment into 8 Mi-24’s and 4 Mi-8’s which has also Finnish Air Force markings.

-Colonel Koroljev, our intel says that everything is good at the Finnish side. No indication of Finn’s moving on those areas. Some radio traffic at Lappeenranta but they seem to be more concentrating on mobilization than the channel area.

-Never estimate everything is good. There’s always something.

-Yes, Lieutenant-Colonel, of course sir.

-How many grenade launchers we have?

-10 sir. The Special Regiment that comes with wheels will bring more and also ATGM’s and Strelas. Their BTR82’s have 30mm canons and we have upgraded night vision and infrared cams to them.

-What’s the status of support helo group?

-5 Ka-50’s will fly on both side of the channel covering the landing parts. The will do false attacks to the Army Academy HQ’s at Lappeenranta after the Pjat has landed, they are gearing up a battalion there, it’s also on the reach of our artillery. One GRU group is going to mine the bridge that leads to the landing site 1.

-Good. The Regiment, what’s the estimate time they reach Lappeenranta, the landing point 1?

-The first recon group will drive straight as fast as they can, if the road is clear, it’s 25 minutes. But sat picts show some traffic jams, we might need to clear the road with BTR’s pulling those aside, can take 40 minutes or more.

-Okay, when the first landing helo’s come back, load them with second group and go back immediately. Order some Mi-24’s to blow up cars on roads to the channel on both side when they have unloaded the troops and ammo. Hit and run. Then back to the third run. Fill them with ammo supplies. Keep that canal roads open, no matter what. And make those canal locks bastions. It’s 75 meters drop from Finland to Vyborg for that water mass.

-Yes sir. What about group Vosim? The Vuoksi river flow?

-It’s much easier, there’s two water power plant’s, no canal locks. We take over those and make them bastions. It’s only 6km to the first water plant, 10km to the second. We go in first with Vosim groups helo’s, at same time our 2nd Special Regiment drives over border from Svetogorsk and we have a armored train solution also. That has two tank companies that can shoot from move. The railway goes by them stream.

-Sir, the equipment is loaded.

-Good. Order men to holding positions. Keep engines warm. What’s the status of Vosim?

-Vosim send text message, ”Comrades in Pjat. Tell Papa that we are ready for the butter race!”

-Harasho. Inform 6th that Koroljev is ready.


NATO HQ’s, Brussels 1246 zulu

-Sir, you need to see this, this is breaking out on the net like hell…

First they thought it was a dashcam, it looked like a truck was going slowly to a border check point, barbed wire and soldiers in masks. Russian flag was waving, people were standing outside their cars with papers in hands looking nervous. Then they realized that it was a copy of a live periscope feed, there was 665 watchers, hearts were bubbling and one comment was on the screen ”Who waits forever anyway?”. Then they saw one soldier yelling something and pointing the camera with his hand. Three other fully geared Russian border troopers pointed their machine guns to the cockpit and they could hear the driver laughing. Then the truck’s engine started roaring, Kristaps was giving some gas, like he was saying them ”Fuck you” with his his 18-wheeler. They could hear the trucks window opened and he was yelling something like ”Minja Russki njet harashoo, problem, problem? Very bad breaks in my truck, need come closer!” One soldier yelled ”Stop! Stop! Njet kamera!” The truck started to slowly roll towards the soldiers… ”Breaks heating! Need closer to stop! Isvinitje, harashoo! Proplem!” The soldiers take better aiming, one officer jumped out from somewhere, yelled something to the driver and his soldiers, took his side arm out of the holster… ”Please, heating, need closer to stop! Ponimaiju?” Truck was rolling slowly, the bridge was downhill on that end, the breaks were squeaking… But what you didn’t see on that video was that suddenly Kristaps took a hand grenade from some where, it was a plastic toy one, and wave it to the soldiers. Then he let the breaks loose and the truck started to roll faster… the officer started to shoot at the wind shield, then the soldiers also opened fire, the camera flipped over and you could see the roof of the cockpit and Kristaps head getting two straight bullet hits and falling out of the picture. There was a big blood stain over the picture and you could hear that the truck was rolling few meters and then all went yellow with a loud crashing sound. Then just black. No connection.

-This was at Kaliningrad, Sovetsk crossing point 40 minutes ago. Russian border guards shoot dead a Lithuanian truck driver named Kristaps Nevarauske. The truck then exploded with a massive force killing several people, 8 cars were flipped over, some of them fell to the Nema-river, half of the bridge is full of burning cars. The Russian border post is wiped out, the bridge might collapse. Also a lots of chemicals burning there, fire brigade from Sovetsk needs gas masks. Russian helo’s flying over the scene, some of them have been on Lithuanias side for short period. The NATO’s 2nd Cavalry regiments first company is rushed to positions near area. Also Russia has send  two companies with BTR’s and trucks to Sovetsk form Gvardeysvk, a tank company is heading there from Kaliningrad.  Lihuanian fire brigade is not allowed to the bridge. We have now NATO and Russian troops with live ammunition across each others and Russia has violated our airspace.

-How’s the media reacting on this?

-They are saying that Russia has shot death Lithuanian truck driver and caused a massive explosion that has killed over 30 people, most of them EU citizens. They also say that the truck driver had some brake problems and tried to ask help but was brutally killed by Russian soldiers. They say that the truck might have exploded for over heated gas that ignited when the shot at him. But they are clearly shocked by the Russian actions.

-Why he was sending this live periscope thing?

-It might be just he was worried. Or just for fun. We don’t know. They have dash cams in all over Russia, for insurance reasons. He just used the periscope to make a backup, it gets public right away, don’t need to load it from memory card to internet and so on? Or his employer needed to follow his cargo going over and so on.

-What about Russian media?

-They are trying to claim this was a terrorist attack.

-By Finns?

-Russia Today said that the truck was owned by a Finnish-Estonian company and that some of the cargo was from Finland. They clearly try to use this but it’s absurd.

-Well, Russian media is aimed for internal purposes, they don’t care about lying, its the alternative narrative idea, that ”West is lying and using propaganda against us” and that they prove it by telling opposite views of things. They want an enemy. But why?

-Sir, there’s now rumors of a nuclear situation in Finland. People are screaming on facebook that a atom bomb has exploded at south Finland…

-Here we go again…

…to be continued… stay tuned… 😉

… – – – …

This is fiction. Raw text, method one. Will be edited to better shape later. The train is moving, can’t jump of now… 😉
















Jolly Viking, Part 7

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    1. 🙂 thanks, I will correct that! Very intresting languages we have on this Russian fronting border from Sáme, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Latvia, Lituania, Polish, Carelia etc. and how many languages have vanished already! Lets keep up and hang tight! 🙂



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