Jolly Viking, part 3.


Luga Russia, 300km from Helsinki, 0618 zulu.

General-Major Larimov was chain smoking and listening radio traffic at the command post. He had heard from report that Finland was mobilizing or at least trying. The smooth peace keeping drill has turned to hostile. Suka bljat, idiots have messed up again he thought but didn’t let that show on his face. His unit, 26th Missile Brigade, was deployed around the forests of Luga, shorter range units were closer to Estonian border, these heavy bastards, Iskanders with 700kg warheads, had 500km range and could hit south Finland deep enough with accuracy of 5 meters. He had 24 missiles already erected, ready to launch in 60 seconds. Re-loaders have 24 more and more was coming. And this was just one Missile Brigade ready to hit Finland, there was one north from Leningrad, one close to Murmansk and Kaliningrad was also hot. They were ready to hit Finland with over 140 Iskanders, enough to paralyze the country. Or they thought it would. But they had back up, Russian Air Force was ready to finish the job with massive strikes, over 200 planes were ready and hidden under camo nets, bunkers, road bases and forests. This was their plan B. The plan A, use of Finnish government and president had went sour. Something they should learned from Ukraine…

Moscow Russia, National Defense Control Center, 0630 zulu.

Massive hall was thriving. Huge screens were showing all kinda maps, flight paths, satellites and data that was so enormous that nobody actually could follow it. But it looked absolutely like someone really knew everything about the world. But it was just a bluff. It was more like chaos in the disguise of order. It make colonel Severnyiv feel sick. Especially the news about Baltic Sea. As a Navy officer he knew that if NATO wanted, their Baltic Fleet would be demolished in one hour. The briefing about Operation Aland had came as a surprise to most of them, although they knew something was coming. They were loosing Ukraine, people were rallying on the streets and starting to openly shout anti-Putin things, FSB was arresting people so much that prisons were full. Their media has been shouting that NATO has plans to attack Russia and that far-right is rising in West, ”Gay-Fascists” are threatening their Motherland. But everyone in the military knew this was nuts. But they had to play as the Kreml said. Generals were having heart attacks too much. They knew that Putin was wiping them out with FSB and it has caused paranoia and fear. But Colonel Severnyiv wasn’t that type of a guy. He loved the sea and being in command of a ship in the middle of cold waters. His shipmates have always liked him, he was tough but didn’t tolerate bullying or injustice. He had learned to adapt into Russian military murky side but at Sea he was his own master and loved the salty breeze. He was ordered to Moscow NDCC to learn HQ staff officer stuff, he was on a list to Admiral training and this was a part of that. But he doubt that general stuff since he had seen the Moscow fat ass Generals with 10 bedroom apartments, dinners with hookers and French cooks, the massive corruption and love of Putin’s ”brigade”. He was more an outdoor guy, simple live, simple solutions type.

He went to the dining area and took some tea with lemon. He saw from the big window that there was no traffic at all on Kremlevskaya. It could mean only one thing: Putin was arriving. He went closer to the window to see better, the pale December light was soft and gray, he could see over the Moskva river barely, fog was raising from the river. A security officer came next to him holding a radio. He was sweating like most of them did when Putin was near. They saw snipers taking positions on the lower roofs and a helicopter flew over the building and hover over the river. Column of cars, with sirens on appeared from right and drove to the front door. He couldn’t see there but he heard from the radio that ”Vova has landed”. Then suddenly a huge blast shake the building and the window shattered, the blast wave knocked him out…

NATO HQ Brussels, 0700 zulu.

-Everyone, look at the screen now, something big happened in Moscow!

”…a huge blast at the National Defense Center only one mile from Kreml at 10:55 local time. There are rumors that mr. Putin was just arriving to the building when a explosion happened at the front of the building. Area is closed and no media is allowed there but we have some footage from a local blogger who was filming with his quad-copter, we see windows broken and burning vehicles, also lots of ambulances and fire trucks with sirens and lights on. Also military vehicles, BTR’s with OMON signs, that is the Internal military unit under MVD. Kreml has announced that this is an act of terror and has no comment of president Putin at the moment, they said that they need more information but they are worried about news from Finland that is having a military coup going on and that Finnish Army is mobilizing at the moment. The previous information of Joint Peace Drills with Finland at Aland is said to be correct but they are seeing a connection with this terror attack and the Finnish military coup the Putin’s spokesman says…”

-What channel is that? Russia Today?

-Yes, it was first on this one, they got Kreml in 5 minutes to give that announcement.

-Bloody hell, now every one goes with that. Oh shit, did someone really wipe out Putin?

-No body yet. But if he is dead, who will be the number one? Medvedev? Or will Shoigu announce Martial laws cause they are planting this Finland mobilization and possible coup theory to this?

-That is plausible. We have some intel that there is hard wing Generals in Russian military who have been not so happy with Putin and Medvedev. This is their chance to take power.

-Okay, now we have to go code red. But do it silent. Everything is possible now. Any news from Finland?

-Sir, President Niinistö will speak to the citizens of Finland in TV soon. He had tweeted that his resign announcement was somebody trolling his account. Looks like the coup theory is still blurry. But the mobilization is ongoing. They are collecting people from homes and working places, people are rushing to markets and gas stations, there is quite a chaos going on. Police says to avoid panic and that they have permission to use lethal force to stop robbers etc. Finnish air space is closed, also all civilian traffic is not allowed over Baltic Sea, that’s from our side. There is heavy Russian Air Force traffic there. And ours. Also satellite pictures shows Russian Missile Brigades being hot and ready, no launches yet. Radio traffic has increased 300%, also flash messages to all units also strategic nuclear forces are getting them, possibly related to the blast in Moscow. This is going fast, looks like this is planned… but is has chaotic elements now, a lot of them. Confusion in command structure, both, Finland and Russia.

-That’s normal in situation like this. Oh what the hell, this situation ain’t normal but the chaos is. This is not a chess game where you can see other players pieces and plan your play 5 moves ahead, this is a soup of overloaded information boiling over and we need to find the gas flame heating the pot…

-Looks like Russia is heating their story against Finland blaming that they are behind that blast in Moscow, they can use it as a very strong false flag…

-False flag… shit, of course. RT revealed it. The main story is to use it against Finland. If it is Chechens or some other group, they will deny it. If it is a conspiracy against Putin and he is dead, they will still use it against Finland. What if Putin was going to NDCC to announce that they won’t attack Finland and there is these hard core Generals who have decided to go on and take control of the whole Russia? Military coup?

-Another military coup?

-Complicated. Hybrid is complicated.

-Finns haven’t been in war for 70 years, maybe they are not acting as Hybrid warfare, maybe they are in real chaos, Russia instead is just acting like it?

-You have a point there General. Russia has trained and done this for decades. What’s Russia doing at our NATO borders? Anything new?

-Kaliningrad has its Iskanders out but no indication of Motor Rifle brigades on move, also their radars are scanning Baltic Sea, not Poland or Baltics. Belarussia is also quiet, just some air patrolling. Pskov has something out, more like securing their heavy activity on Luga and Leningrad region.

-Okay. Let’s put some F-15’s out with HARM’s and Maverics, if the Russkies start lifting those Iskanders, we might have to destroy them. And find out is Putin alive or not.

Finland Helsinki, Yle Broadcasting center, 0735 zulu.

President Niinistö was pale and watching news about the Moscow blast. General Stunnberg, the head of Finnish Army was also pale but tried to look cool. General Kaski was there also with his side arm and security unit.

-What do we do now, General Kaski?

-We… go as we planned. You mr President, go and read the announcement to the Finns that you are still legally the President of Finland but have given the command of Armed Forces to General Stunnberg. And that you were forced by Russians to say that peace drill shit and that Russia has sneakily attacked Aland. But you have to strongly deny all connections to that Moscow blast. We are not behind that. Russians are trying to blame us for it, it’s a perfect weapon for their information war against us, hell, who knows it is a deliberate false flag against us?

-But… you promised to not tell about the money connections and we work here together, is that right?

-Of course, we need to keep nation united, that’s why you also say that you won’t accept the governments resign, we just make few changes to restore trust and war time effectiveness. We change the defense minister, take opposition parties in. This needs to be every Finns government. Now we have only one mission, to save our country.

-But by the law…

-Fuck the law, every Finn understands that we have no time for elections, this is about life and death. The government doesn’t resign, they just rotate members. And if some people oppose this and want to revolt, we arrest them. This is war mr President.

-Do you have a cigarette, I’ve lost mine…

-General Stunnberg, you need to speak also. You remember we drilled this some time ago, act like in that drill.

-You have drilled this? And not reporting me? The president?

-Well, Sauli, the thing is that after we find out what you have been doing in Moscow and that Rosatom nuclear plant deal, our alarms went on. We did some research and find out that not only you but your close circles like the Turku pro-Putin gang was suddenly making huge profits. Also years ago when you gave the Finnish citizenship to Russian oligarchs Rotenberg and Timchenko… well, you let in Russian mafia and now they are bribing all directions with their Finnish useful idiots. They have power inside our parliament through your Party, they have drawn us in the sanctions both ways and you didn’t see this. Or you did but kept listening Putin that it’s just temporarily and that things will get much better after Ukraine war is over. You bloody fool have tied yourself into a spiders net and dragged in the whole nation…

-But I can’t control money in free world! Business world is global and we must have our share, we can’t isolate ourselves…

-Oh my dear president, isolation is exactly what Russia did us during Cold War. You remember that we were in a military pact with USSR those days, but you still wanted to tie our economy back to Russia. And you never, ever had spoken about joining NATO. Why? Also why you were never invited to the White House? When was the last time Finnish President has visited there? Besides you have been in Moscow 2 or 3 times a year. We have been worried about that. A lot.

-I just have done what people expect me to do…

-Bullshit. You have lead us to war. That’s what you have done.

-Kaski, don’t be so harsh on him. He has to speak to the people in 15 minutes.

-He has to understand that we know. And that he can’t bluff anymore. The lawyer talks ends now.

-Maybe you should be there instead of me General Kaski. It seems like you are running this show and I’m a sidekick.

-My apologies General Stunnberg, but we kept you out of this for the last moment, we didn’t want any leaks. Not that we don’t trust you but to keep you clean…

-Okay, good enough. We have a war ahead. United we are strong.

-You heard that president? Now let’s go and save what we can…

Moscow Russia, National Defense Control Center, 0740 zulu.

Colonel Severnyiv woke up in a small room. His commanding officer Admiral Ponomarev was there with two other officers. They were whispering something over a small map and looked worried.

-Admiral Ponomarev, may I speak?

-Ah, look our favorite colonel has woken up! Good. You were knocked out in the blast…

-…yes, I remember, I was having tea and watching Putin arriving when suddenly boom…

-Da, there was a bomb. It killed our defense minister and Putin is in critical condition in Kreml hospital. 6 others died too. Military is going to take control of Kreml at any moment, Shoigu is announcing Martial Law and full mobilization. They are saying in the news that this was a Finnish terror attack done with help of Muslim radicals from Dagestan. They have arrested several people and some of them have confessed. After they beat them with iron pipes.

-Finnish terrorists? In Moscow? Military taking power?

-Shh… you know why we are here? Or do you know where you are? We are in a basement, nobody can listen us, this is protected room. We made this some time ago, too much our stuff was leaking to FSB and others.

-But… but why?

-Some Generals had enough of Putin killing our Generals and other people, they wanted to attack Ukraine in full force but that wasn’t Putin’s goal, he wanted to play it as a frozen conflict. And attack later when Europe is more weak. We as Navy see this more intelligent and know that we are too weak for full war against NATO. But these hard core Generals want to use nuclear weapons to show they mean business and surprise them. This operation Aland was meant to be handled politically and make Finland surrender without a major war. It was Putin’s idea. He had to look strong cause he is loosing in Ukraine.

-So the hard core decided to take Putin out and step in?

-That’s what we think. And also blame the Finns.


-Da, massive bljat. Dzerzhinky Division is patrolling Moscow and all other cities are full of MVD and OMON keeping control. FSB guys are being arrested, or those who are loyal to Putin. Most of them are flipping to military’s side. Medvedev is also under arrest but we think he wants to revenge Putin and will co-operate. Patriarch Kirill has spoken in TV and called this attack a religious fanatics hit to our Motherlands heart and couraged people to unite to a Holy War against evils. The ”old Finnish Fascists” he said. Looks like all is planned and things have turned to much worse.

-Our Baltic Fleet is not ready for full war.

-They don’t want to poke NATO. They are showing some nuclear threat to them if they will intervene at this Finland operation. They believe it is enough to keep them away. Besides Finnish president was playing by Putin’s playbook, maybe he was just fooled, but still. There was a hidden plan B by Finnish military and some others for this kinda situation. And now they are in full mobilization also. They didn’t believe it was going to happen. Now Shoigu has to go also to plan B, attack Finland.

-So what are we doing here in the basement?

-Well, we… the thing is that this is a coup. We don’t want to be part of that.

-But we have to follow orders. If we don’t, they will shoot us.

-True colonel, true. But we can play our own side game here. We know that people won’t like this at all and that they smell the dirtiness of this. We play with Shoigu and his new government but wait for the right moment.

-Play like what? Sabotage? Our own Navy?

-No. We make Shoigu loose to Finland. And then start new revolution. Democratic revolution. Maidan at Red Square.

-Suka bljaaat… how we do that? Would we be killing our own soldiers then?

-We can do it without any actual shots fired, come and see our plan…

…to be continued…

… – – – …

This is fiction. Sorry for bad english, it is not my first language. My first language is Finnish. Part 4 soon… will Putin stay alive? Will NATO attack Kaliningrad? Is Sweden NATO member… 😉


Jolly Viking, part 3.

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