Hunt for the Troll October.


”Gentleman, last twenty four hours have seen some extraordinary Russian social media activity. First to burst up was Olgino, the ”Internet Researchers Agency” Agenstvo Internjet-Isseldovnje from Saint Petersburg. This what we call a ”Troll Factory” has over 300 paid workers, each writing over 1000 messages per day to different platforms, newspapers, twitter, linkedin and so on. That amount of content they create to media is roughly the size of the whole World’s newspapers in one day during the World War Two. We believe that they have created a unique system that allows them to manipulate Western media, especially social media, with these hybrid method trolls almost silently. It is also possibly, that these troll systems can, if not warned early enough through our operator systems, can affect our societies without warning.

Yes, this is a first strike weapon. Made to start a war. In fact, this is already a war. We call it ”The Battle of Words”. It is designed to approach people in stealth with multiple accounts with little or no warning before impact.

But the same time we saw Olgino, there was similar postings from Moscow, servers from east Europe, south America, China and all over the Russia. There is now roughly 80000 trolls and spambots etc. on the net, using the amount of one nuclear reactor of energy with their internet activity. This night we saw heat plumes from our satellites from Sevastopol, Rostov, Krasnojarsk, Pskov and other places that indicates the Russian Army is on move. In fact, they have drive to Ukraine equipment for two divisions, personel and massive ammo dumps. They have also brought nuclear capable Tupolev bombers to Crimea and are in war with Ukraine.

No, the captain Dugin is not going to defect. He is the son of a bitch of Kremlin mafia clan. Cold blooded, narcissistic religious Stalin-syndrome Rasputin wannabe. The thing is, this isn’t just parking your weapons to the border, this is weapons on your kids computers, iPhones, twitter stream. This is already action. The words are bullets, made to hurt our thinking, to spread bullshit over the truth, to affect our feelings, to manipulate us. Those who do this, are already killing people in Ukraine, Syria, Russia. The central committee Putin has killed already 10 Generals. He is cleaning his Army, like Stalin did in 30’s. The have also shoot down a civilian airplane, MH17, killing almost 300 people.

Now we see also the whole Russian media, newspapers, TV, radio spamming the same bullshit. The whole nation is under heavy brainwashing for war. They are painting nazi symbols over whole Europe, trying to create chaos with refugees, making us targets. This is action of a very dangerous regime, regime with nukes and strong nationalist message. Regime who is in fact the Russia’s 90’s mafia with old KGB thugs.

They are trying to use our freedom against us. They have no freedom, their net is closed and filled with trolls and FSB is controlling it. They are trying to poison our people to turn against each others, to make us weak and then attack. Just remember Cold War and far-right communism, Red terror and infiltration mechanisms. Russia is using same stuff because their leading talents are the products of USSR. They are themselves brainwashed against us, the West. They have gone trough though KGB and Soviet mental washing machine and have never stopped. Now they are activated for their last push. ”

One ping. One ping only.


Welcome to the New World.

This is based lightly to the Red October movie. One of my favorite ones. 😉


Hunt for the Troll October.


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