Donetsk Live camera. And Russian trolls…

Donetsk Live camera view. Airport 4km to the left.
Donetsk Live camera view. Airport 4km to the left.

Last year the Russia Today Television (Russian propaganda channel btw) arranged a Live camera to Donetsk, Ukraine to ”prove” that Ukraine Army was shelling the city. The only thing they could prove was that Russia itself did the shelling. Yes, we were watching that stuff live… 24/7… the whole 9 months (or was it longer?)… some wasted time, eh?

I had to say first here that I started to follow Ukraine and the Russian aggression from Maidan, 1 and a ½ year ago. I started to watch the Maidan Live cams and others, talked about the problems in social media etc. and meet the Russian trolls in full force. The Russian propaganda and trolling was heavy and aggressive, very familiar to the old USSR times.

I saw the shootings of the heavenly 100 live, listened radio-traffic over there (it was also on one live stream) etc. And I was shocked. It was clear who ordered and did those shootings: Berkut with the order coming from Yanukovych/ Putin. Right after that he escaped and took the Ukraine’s national treasure, estimated 1.6 Billion $. We followed his plane on flightradar etc.

Then came the Crimea annexation, Russia drove over 40.000 troops all over Ukraine border, 28.000 to Crimea and the situation get suddenly much more intense. There was a live camera also on Belbek Airbase, I spend many nights and days following that too… must say that the sun raise is beautiful at Crimea…

Belbek Live cam just before Russian troops destroyed it.
Belbek Live cam just before Russian troops destroyed it.

Then came the absurd ”DNR” etc ”separatist” movements after the Crimea staged ”referendum” and annexation. It was clear from the start that this was purely a Russian ”hybrid” military operation. And Ukraine had to start defend its own country. Russia started to blame them for war and accused them of all kinda shit they didn’t do. But the Russians infiltrated their ”hybrid” troops (mixture of conscripts, special forces, FSB, GRU etc.) to Ukraine and started attacking Ukraine. The propaganda from Russian side was well organized and the Russian trolls were in a huge role in the world wide Internets.

Then was the shooting down of MH17. It was clear from the beginning that they were Russians. All the phone-calls etc we heard and many other things made it clear. But still trolls keep spouting unbelievable rumors about that. It was dirty and very rude. No remorse, only aggressive lying and propaganda…

Okay, the Donetsk live camera started around these days. First it was closer to the central Donetsk, then it moved to Blahojeva street 68. The opened the live stream on youtube and there was also the chatbox open. And it was filled with Russian trolls etc. And that became the most important part of the whole show…

The military action on that camera was mainly artillery barrages from Donetsk (Russian artillery, MLRS etc) to the airport. We could hear clearly the Russian artillery because they had those guns quite clear the camera, sometimes the outgoing blast-waves shake the camera and broke the microphones several times. We couldn’t see incoming fire but the trolls tried to ”proof” that the outgoing arty blasts were incoming fire… Then we realized what the cameras purpose was: a try to make propaganda of Ukraine aggression. But there was none. The Ukraine Army tried to defend its positions at the airport and shoot its barrages to the attacking Russian forces (I use word Russia because there was never such a ”pro-russian separatist movement as they tried to lie) on that area. We never saw incoming rounds to the city on that camera. And possibly this was why they got frustrated at the Russian propaganda HQ and started to false flag incoming rounds to the city.

Their tactic was that suddenly the live camera experienced ”tech problems” and was offline for 12-36 hours. Then came news that ie GRAD rounds had hit a school (on Russian news) but when we started to exterminate the evidence, it was clear that those rounds had came from Russian side… Here is one example:

We saw from the angles of unexploded GRAD rocket the direction it came from etc. And the Live camera was ”suddenly” offline atm. And this wasn’t the only one. Also the camera was offline during the troop transports and other occasions.

10 dead by Russian MLRS attack in Donetsk, mainly children last fall.

The shoutbox was purely under Russian trolling and counter-information purpose. The trolls tried to link to pro-Russian information and RT (propaganda) news etc. It was IMO much bigger part of the operation than the live video feed. But we started to counter those trolls. Yes, there was several good people there, some where reporting on twitter like MarQ, Conflict Reporter etc, I myself also gave reports (JesusFromMars) about intense shelling etc. There were also awesome guys all over the planet who came and started to de-bunk Russian trolls idiotic lies etc. Mantelzorger, Angela Angela, Gi Vi, etc. (sorry, my memory… can’t remember everyone :))

Okay, my time is limited here, I will continue to tell about that in my next post… 🙂

Donetsk Live camera. And Russian trolls…

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