Finland’s delusion about Independency.

Finlandization. A word that means something really horrible. A word that has mixed up meanings depending on who is talking. But the reality of that Finlandization is horrible: it is a pure Lie.

Krushtsev and Kekkonen.

Finlandization means ”looking independent but being in a military pact at the same time with USSR”. Yes. That is the reality. I know this cause I have lived through it.

That lie was kept alive by both Finland and USSR. USSR needed a place or a country where they could do experiments and have a ”no mans land” for ie spies. The capital of Finland, Helsinki was one of the spy centers in the world during Cold War with Austria, Vienna. And for USSR it was a interesting place to study manipulation, democratizes, espionage etc stuff. USSR was such a military power those days that it could have occupied us just like that. They had over 40 Divisions plus hundreds of fighters, nukes, missiles etc just over our borders. But they thought it wasn’t worth of been like Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia or other ”pure Warsaw Pact” countries: they needed Finland to other things. But they still demanded the exactly same military pact deal with them what they did with those occupied east-European countries, it was just bilateral.

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Finland was proud of being ”Independent” during the Cold War. But they were lied about that. Finnish president Kekkonen played this game under strictly Moscow command. It was a lie they both planned together: Kekkonen to keep his ”dictatorship” or ”life time presidency” and USSR because they need Finns to keep ”calm” and brainwashed. This is probably where the anti-USA attitude started to evolve in Finland in bigger numbers. The Moscow controlled our politics, press, TV and Radio. They did experiments in Finland about psy ops, info war etc things and used those results in bigger operations. A lot of Finns turned into communists or socialists and started to travel in Moscow, study there and Leningrad. This was popular among ie actors and we still have those types on our media. Free vodka and sex did the trick. Our universities were infiltrated heavily with these humanistic ”revolutionaries” or ”pasifistic socialistics”. Oh, and not to forget our politicians. Yes, those people were the worst. And we have those too still in our political system. Brainwashed bitches, poor old bitches…

Paavo Väyrynen behind president Kekkonen. Still playing for Moscow.

The reason I want to remind this Finlandization and the Lie behind it, is that it affects heavily on Finns attitude today. Many Finns think that those ”independence” days were the best time of their lives, but they didn’t realize that they were defending USSR aka Soviet Union. Yes, they were. And Finns had precisely the army and equipment that USSR wanted them to have. It was a horrible mess. But when they repeated the lie long enough… it turned to ”truth”.

Just one example, when I was in Finnish Army, all drills were against an enemy attacking from West. Another thing, ie inside the equipment boxes ( I was in Artillery) were the original Russian language continent lists. I asked about those and our officer told that not allowed to take them of. Because the USSR did regular checks on any Finnish garrison and checked the equipment. Because of that ”Warsaw pact” deal our weapons and mil stuff was 95% from USSR. And it had to be integrated to USSR systems…

Finnish Army USSR origin T-72 tank. Also USSR tracked vechile behind.

This lie of our Independence is so deep that the old people see NATO as an enemy. They really believe that ”west is no go” because it brings war. And at the same time they ignore Ukraine by saying ”it is a Russian internal matter” ! This is the real horror. They are voters and Finland is going to have elections in one month. There is still some candidates who are repeating these things and gaining votes from there. And Moscow loves these candidates… These people are basically saying that ”Finland should join EurAsian Union” when they are saying that ”Finland should be independent as we were in the 80’s” They just don’t realize the mental Trojan Horse in their mind…

The stupidity is strong here atm. And our politicians are like shit in their pants trying to keep up the good old lies, like ”We have strong Army, we can repel Russia” etc. Or that ”we can negotiate with Russia…”. facepalm? yes.

Even our media today is still sick of that ”Finlandization” disease. It thinks it is only ”freedom of press” matter to publish the Kremlin lies. That keeps our people divided and the truth hidden. Sad shit, really sad. There is also some younger generation reporters who have fallen to the big Kremlin propaganda about Snowden, NSA, Iraq war, whattaboutism etc. They really don’t see the threat we are facing here. Oh, and not to mention our president Sauli Niinistö who said that we should keep our mouths shut about security policy matters atm…

ps. Finland has over 70.000 Russians living here…

Finland’s delusion about Independency.

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    1. You mean that NATO is something like USSR is/was? No. that is completely different.
      Besides, does Finland think it can have a ”free ride” and/or Sweden thinks the same?

      Let me get this straight, do you want to take the Russian attack with or without NATO help?


    2. You really think joining Worlds best defence leaque would be a ”ass fuck”? Ask France, Germany, USA, Croatia, Italy, Spain, UK, Norway etc etc (28 countries, 95% of EU) how they feel about NATO. 🙂


  1. Army nerd sanoo:

    There are several statements in the post which are clearly false.

    1. 95 % of military equipment from USSR.
    Not defining the time line this is somewhat an argument that can’t be corrected to a single number, but the equipment of FDF was planned to be ”1/3 western, 1/3 eastern and 1/3 domestic.” Saying that 95% of equipment was from USSR is blatantly false. Equipment such as self-propelled artillery or multiple rocket launchers were indeed made in the USSR, but at the same time Finland had anti-tank missiles (I-TOW and TOW2) from the US.

    2. Finland totally in the pocket of USSR
    Finland had multiple influencers. For example, USA allegedly helped funding the Espoo television broadcasting tower because transmitting western television to USSR influenced the people in north Estonia. Moscow had no direct control of Finnish internal affairs albeit they had a huge influence.

    3. Influence of leftists and communists
    While it is true that the academia is left-leaning the consequences are a bit overexaggerated in your post. There’s no ”5th column” of post-USSR Russia fanatics except for a few loonies which I don’t probably even need to name here. Most of the leftists were critical of Moscow even in the 70’s (see for the faction that wasn’t) even when they couldn’t say it out loud. Especially the USSR actions in Prague divided people.

    4. Army strength
    On paper the difference between the strength of the armies of Finland and Russia are huge. This is however an oversimplification, as Russia is known to have a big portion of the equipment severely degraded by bad storage conditions and it is estimated that only 1/3 is ready for fielding and another 1/3 repairable. In a full scale conflict Russia couldn’t invoke it’s full strength as the smaller conflicts would emerge on disputed regions in Georgian, Ukrainian and Moldovian borders. The spearhead of Russian army is pretty mighty with the professional soldiers but the training and battle morale of conscripts is poor at best. Finnish territory is a huge advantage as well and the benefits of invasion wouldn’t cover the price of operation both in money and in reputation.


    1. ”Moscow had no direct control of Finnish internal affairs” …it still does, it still does. You didn’t realize the word ”Finlandization” didn’t you?

      The whole Finnish Army during the Cold War was made to look to please the Moscow. And the equipment was 95% USSR or copies from there. Like the RK762. The YYA deal…


  2. ”There’s no ”5th column” of post-USSR Russia fanatics except for a few loonies which I don’t proba…”

    The modern 5th column is in the Economy. Finnish trade with Russia is huge, over 60% of all energy (oil, gas, etc), agriculture products, tourism, investments, icebrakers, etc etc
    There is this business man called Hjallis Harkimo who sold his icehockey team and Finland’s biggest ”Arena” to Russians who are on the sanction list (Timshenko’s). Also they have Finland passports… !?
    This icehockeyteam plays now in KHL and it came to Helsinki… that whole KHL is a Putins propaganda show and affects heavily on attitudes.

    And then there is also the ”old 5th column” among leftists old people and young anarchists. The Finnish ”neo-nazies” (all 85 of them) are kinda silent, they don’t support Putin for obvious reasons.

    Then there is this ”puolueettomuuspolitiikka harha” meaning that Finland played as being totally ”independent” like Swiss or Ireland when in fact it was not. It was tied to USSR militarily (YYS deal).
    This created a whole ideology and political liturgy that blinded us so deep and long that we need to really check our terms and words, what we mean with them…

    You see, some Finns really believe that they don’t need to give a fuck about other EU countries, that we can be ”truly independent” (they always forget the Russia/USSR here…) by getting rid of EU (thanks Timo Soini! #sarcasm) and that we can militarily defend ourselves… from anybody. #facepalm (i know, this ain’t twitter…)

    But these people don’t understand that by saying these things they say to our neighbours that you have to consider Finland also as an enemy. This is something what Tuomioja doesn’t understand. Finland is forgetting the deals it has made with EU. The Lissabon deal is very clear ie.
    But to secure us and tell our neighbors that we truly are Europe and west, Finland hasn’t done the last step: joined NATO. Why?

    Do Finland understand the situation where it is now? How stupid can we be? Never learned from Winter War, haven’t we?


  3. adam seven sanoo:

    Actually 70 000 Russians living n Finland is not a factual numer of Russians.

    The number of Russian speakers is abt 60-70k, but they are a varied bunch of Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainian Russian speakers, Russian speakers from Estonia etc.

    You are definng Russians in the same way as Putin is, which doesn’t mirror the identification of that bunch.

    Please do not do oversimplications.

    Liked by 1 henkilö

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is not as simple, most of them are shamed of Putin’s Russia (?) and I didn’t mean to make it look like that.
      But we should dig deeper to that language group and start recruiting from there? I mean would be awesome help to have Russian speakers who don’t agree with coming ”nova USSR” in these hybrid stuff like trolling etc?



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